ON CD 3 Great Books on the El Camino Real and It's Bells

CD ONLY California's El Camino Real and Its Historic Bells, By Max Kurillo and Eline M. Tuttle; 139 pages is the first book to document the birth and growth of El Camino Real. This is a story of the birth of the bells that have marked El Camino Real for almost a century and of the work of the many women's organizations that made this extraordinary achievement possible. This book follows the evolution of California's El Camino Real and tells of the times when this ancient road was almost lost, and how it was rescued by the women of California and John Kolstad, bell enthusiast and now owner of California Bell Company.......... CD ONLY "A Guide to the Historic Bells of Mrs. A.S.C. Forbes" 2nd Edition by Max Kurillo and Erline Tuttle. If you are a collector of the patina brass bells made by Mrs. A.S.C. Forbes and her California Bell Co. this is a "must have" bell identification manual. The Second Edition 237 page book is now out of print. In 2011 the author revised the book to include more bells and information.......... CD ONLY California Missions and Landmarks, was written in 1925 by Mrs A.S.C. Forbes, creator of the EL Camino Real Bells. This rare, out of print book wonderfully describes the California Missions and other historical landmarks throughout the State. 394 pages on CD. Free to 4th grade teachers, call to order.
ON CD 3 Great Books on the El Camino Real and It's Bells
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